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recursive dns resolver script in tcl

This script deals with the fact that cnames are sometimes the answers to dns queries.
For example, in the below dig we get dns-any-yadayada. We don't want that, we want the IP address. The script recursively digs until it gets the ip address.

$ dig +short @

proc resolve_this { fqdn server {answer ""} } {
#puts "resolving $fqdn at $server"
set l1 [exec dig +short @$server $fqdn a]
#puts l1:$l1
foreach i $l1 {
set i [string tolower $i]
set x [regexp {[a-z]} $i]
#puts " i:$i x:$x"
if { $x } {
#puts " asking $i"
resolve_this $i $server $answer
} else {
set answer "$answer\n$i"
#puts " answer:$i"
return $answer

set final_answer [resolve_this [lindex $argv 0] [lindex $argv 1]]
puts [string trim $final_answer]