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Google Drive vs Cloud Storage - Top Gear episode

I have a customer that has brilliant new cloud service. I don't want to mention their name here but they have TV ads running for their cloud service, which can be yours, all yours!
F5's BigIP is a huge part of this, both in making it happen and securing it.
This SaaS is storage. This is saving your files somewhere else and paying a tiny monthly fee for it.
I kind of wish I'd signed up for it.
Just like I kind of wish I'd gone all Flikr for my photos and not Picasa ( Picasa is the world's worst software and word's worst service by the way ).
But I digress.
Well hold on, let me bag on Google a little bit more. Just a tad.
Less than usual, and remember I'm only so hard on Google because they have billions of dollars and can't fix tiny obvious bugs and instead seem obsessed with taking good software and buggering it all up. Such is the nature of large corporations they can only stay startups for so long then they devolve into comittees and the corporate drones move in and take over.
But back to Google Drive.
And a new top gear record! I used Airdroid ( Rockin' software! ) to download all my pictures from the past year from my Note II in a massive zipfile, 12.3 Gigabytes!
That took about two hours to transfer across my home wifi to my laptop.
My home wifi runs at about 100Mb/s. Or so.
It's a Verizon router so maybe a bit faster.
Verizon you say? Yes well I have Fios! The best Fios!! The 50 up/50 down Fios!
Actually I don't quite get 50 up I get more like 35, but I get 55 down so I'm not bitching too much.
But anyway, at 35 up, how long do you think it took to transfer that 12.3G file to Google Drive?
First of all, kudos to Google for accepting a file that large - their own sorting by "Quota" ( file size before the corporate drones got a hold of it ) categorized my file in the "1G to 10G" category so my file is so large, it's actually outside the bounds of their own sizing category system!
But anyway, that gave you time to think.
So how long do you think it took?
Based on the 2 hour transfer time in my own house over say 100Mb/s ( 3 or 4 x faster ).
Should it take 4 x 2 hours = 8 hours?
Longer? 16 hours?
Well I have the number here in my envelope: I started the transfer Friday night, and I checked back on Sunday evening and it still wasn't finished! Only when I checked on Monday morning around 7:30AM had the file actually appeared on Google Drive on my phone, in my special Google Drive folder on my laptop, and in the web interface. So I think it's finally, really there.
But just think about that, it took probably somewhere around 100 hours to transfer. Triple digits my friends!
And that my friends is a new top gear record, and also speaks to the slowness of Google's own internal datacenters, because it certainly wasn't the hop from my house to Verizon's Pop, and it certainly wasn't verizon's Pop to Google's closest Pop which was the cause of the extra 80 hours or so.
So what on earth is Google doing for 80 hours with my zipfile?
Maybe it was so large they had to go out and buy a hard drive to store it on, and format it and install it? No wait that would only take about half an hour.
So I really don't know.
Anyway, it's a big file, Google's got it, I wished I'd used a different cloud service.
It's not even a particularly enormous file.
I wonder if Corporate Google accounts get better service? Hmmm.....check in later for the answer.

That is all for now.
Happy Monday!

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