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the wonderful world of "development"

I have a hobby working on a "modern" website.
Long ago when I was a programmer ( before I was a "coder" who "wrote code" and even after when I was a "developer" ( in a dark room?)) I coded in c, basic, visual basic, assembler, pascal, fortran and a little c++.
I was also a "webmaster" a long time ago.

I long for those days!

Nowadays to be a developer means you basically are a webmaster.
And your code is a hodge podge of wacky languages that make c++ look efficient like javascript and jquery and flash and so on.
And don't get me started on CSS!

But anyway, I felt like I should shake off the dust and try to be a modern developer ( to the darkroom, batman! ) so I'm now in the world of it.

And experiencing the twisted world of having to do fifty complicated things to get one simple thing done.
So far, that's the web today. Yes you can do more, so don't whine that oh well there's all these browsers and platforms.
I don't care.

Take for example, clicking on some text and having it copied to the clipboard.
Simple enough, huh? Oh no. Oh, no no no.
You have to now get something working called Zeroclipboard which relies on a flash program ( I kid you not, although you can be forgiven for disbelieving me ) and javascript just so you can copy some text to the clipboard.
And it's apparantly the ONLY way that every website out there that does this, can do it.

Yes I have some spelling errors, who cares, spelling is dead thanks to Google autocorrect.

Anyway, if anyone is reading this and finds NONE of the xamples on the zerocopy github site work, you will be pleased to know you need to do the followig, go here:

The key is this bit of text . The document.getElement was needed, and none of the zerocopy documentation or examples show this. So there you go. Have fuin!
code below

var clip = new ZeroClipboard(
document.getElementById('clip_copy'), {
moviePath: "ZeroClipboard.swf"
clip.on( 'load', function(client) {
alert( "movie is loaded" );
} );