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Three cheers for Concur, the greatest travel & expense software of all time!

With thanks to Peter Crosby. I originally was going to write my own summary of what a tragedy Concur is, but the million monkey's theorem wins every time, so here is a link to a fanastic write-up from 2007 that details all the issues we have in mid-2013, except that the poor author didn't realize that not only would Concur ignore his blog, they would also take each bad feature and make it worse, then proceed to their laboratory and invent previously-unthought of bad features and add them. If you are reading this post, it is safe to assume you are reasonably familiar with the internet and know that the real value of anything on the Internet is the comments. So without further ado, here is the ( awesome ) link and again, go straight to the last page of the comments and work back from there. If you hate Concur, they will never fix their horrid software, but at least you now know you are not alone.

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