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my site got attacked

So my fanbase will have noticed my site has been down lately. (Actually it's been down twice. Because of updating drupal. More on that later. ) And they might wonder, with all my inside industry information if perhaps I am not on a pastebin list somewhere or other.... perhaps a target of those evil-doers who are out to destroy all the good in networking. The legion of network villains, I think they are called. And if you did it would have SHOCKED you to know my site has been down for 3 days while I've been travelling on business - my biggest outage ever! So the $108/yr question is: Was it DDOS? Was it a Slow or Fast Loris? What happened! Well I'm hear to set matters straight. I was attacked by a stealth financial attack. Of my own doing. I attacked myself. With my own credit card. And took my site down for 3 days! Yes, I pay my bills but my provider, bless their little hearts, had my old address and most importantly for payment card authorization, old zipcode on file. So when my recurring bill came about it got zoinked by my cc company. Because my provider put in the wrong zipcode. And again, bless their little heats, they emailed me and then took my site down. Thanks, Lunarpages! Well, the end of this sordid tale is, if you are reading this, then you know I'm back up. Bills have been paid, there has been a settling of accounts, and the great machine of commerce rolls on. And I have learned something here today, something that we all should know by now: Money talks. And on the internet, it talks loudly. That is all.

Until next time, this is your friendly neighborhood ghost of a site, now back up, saying:


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