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Google Cards in Android

OK this post is going to keep a running commentary on Google Cards in Android.
Because so far, I've found some amusing behavior.
Exhibit A is the "drive time" card which is supposed to pop up on your Android phone/tab and show you how long is it do drive to home or work, and you're given the opportunity to set your home and work addresses ( although I'm damn sure I did that somewhere else in Google maps a while back.... ). But, regardless, the amusing behavior is now on my Android phone I get these google cards popping up from time to time, I think when I leave my house, that show me the drive time to whatever the last thing I looked at on google maps was! For example, this morning I looked at Lake Elsinore, because Lake Elsinore came up in conversation with a customer today. So lo and behold, when I looked down at the phone, I'm getting a card pop up that gives me the drive time to Lake Elsinore. Oh Google! You're so funny!