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Really microsoft?

As somebody who has to change ip addresses from the command line, I gotta wonder how long Microsoft is going to hold out with all their scripting languages like powershell, netsh, ipconfig etc when the entire networking world uses some variant of unix or gnu commands.

If you're from Microsoft and reading this, no apologies, rather: my sympathies.
I'm not saying unix is easier, less typing, fewer commands.
I'm not saying that.
I'm saying any device from Apple, Linux, Sun, Oracle, Cisco, F5, A10, etc etc first of all will never be built on top of embedded Windows ( remember Windows CE? Me neither ) it will always be built on an Xnix flavor.
I'm saying it's painful either way, so why not just be consistent?
Microsoft is increasingly painting itself into a corner, albeit a large corner.
I'm surprised they don't ship dvorjak keyboards and only work with those.

Without further Ado:

Change your windows 7 ip address:

netsh interface ip show config | more
netsh interface ip set address name="VMware Network Adapter VMnet6" static ( subnet mask and gtw optional )
netsh firewall set opmode disable ( in order to ping yourself from another box )