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Google Voice - Disappointment that Billions of dollars can't fix

I'm willing to put out a bounty on anybody that has anything approaching good call quality using google voice. Heck, I'll buy you a beer if you can even get your voicemail greeting to sound anything close to comprehensible. The problem is google voice calls YOU to record your greeting. I've tried (a) having it call my phone (b) having it call my skype (c) it offers to let you call itself which is .... sigh .... But Wait! The Best Part! Check out this screenshot of their little feedback form and dig the sarcasm on the last question. And try some searches of your own, and you get responses like "it's a free service" well , why don't you just charge me, would that help? I suspect not. Why offer a product that sucks, free or not what's the difference if it sucks? Seriously Google, I don't hate you. But I hate Yahoo more for letting you get so big. and I do hate your Picasa and Voice apps, they suck. Once Apple and/or Bing gets their maps application rocking I can't wait to make the switch for good and never go back. Here's that pic I promised #twitter #linkedin #in