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Google Traffic Gripe of the Hour!

So I sent this to Google this morning via their "Report a Problem" "feature" in their "maps" application ( OK, the last quotations were going a bit far! ) but who's had this annoyance besides me? All ten million of you that read my blog? Good! Here is what I sent the Googies:

"There's an accident on the 405, as shown in Google maps, but on the text pop-up that describes the accident and when it started, and when it will end, there is no indication of WHICH DIRECTION or WHICH SIDE OF THE ROAD the accident exists.
Please consider showing the DIRECTION aka WHICH SIDE OF THE ROAD an ACCIDENT is on instead of forcing the user to zoom in multiple times to try to acertain visually by looking at which side of the line that represents the road the little accident icon is superimposed over. Don't you think that would be dramatically easier? Obviously you already know which side of the road the accident is on, because you can map it. Why don't you simply display the information clearly in text? Do you think you could do that?"

Join me! A million strong to have Google display which side of the road an even occurs on.

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