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A great Linux Kernel TCP Slow Start post to Share

I'm sorry, I'm studying and heads-down doesn't give me time to blog about much. Other than the fact the online training at my new company is excellent - a huge amount of work and effort went into it, and I love it! Never seen anything like it, in fact, as far as how they put it together technically, visually, the actual content itself is some of the best sales training I've ever seen, etc. So with that in mind, I have another 56hrs of training to complete on line so I better get back to it, so let me leave you with this excellent post that is related to some of the training I am doing, it is all about good old Slow Start (maybe better called exponential start, but whatever, wouldn't be the first time a totally wrong and confusing name has been used in the world of computers) and how the latest linux Kernel might help with that ( linux is supposed to be all lower case, right?? ) anyway, this person named Sam Saffron @samsaffron from Australia wrote this, and it's excellent, better than I could do, so I will simply link to it here BTW by the way, I say, by the way, I found out about Sam's post through this article by another clued-up fellow named Ilya Grigorik @igrigorik who writes some good stuff ..... that's it for now, take care, over and out!