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Who exactly is behind Facebook, MyCalendars Birthday Request?

So do you use facebook? Silly question. Follow up, equally silly question: When you log on to Facebook, have you seen the "MyCalendars Birthday Request" ? Obviously the answer is yes to both.
Am I three years behind the times on Web 2.0/3.0 social media questions and Facebook as an industry? Again, Yes, why yes of course I am. That's what a few years of TRILL and FabricPath and SPB and FCoE will do to a guy. But my motto is "better late than never" so with that, let's go in the time machine back to 2009 and see that back then, MyCalendars had 30Million users source: so how many does it have now? Double or triple that? In a related note the blog is of course, a great place to go to learn all about facebook, and that maybe LivingSocial is the top app? But back to MyCalendars. So, first of all, categorically, I deny ALL requests from this - why? It's annoying! Sure, Facebook is probably in cahoots with them and that's why I only get alerts for about half my friend's birthdays, but that's a lot better than before Facebook existed so ...... I'm just not going to give this app my info in order to learn of a few new Birthday's, when Facebook does this already. But you've got to take your hat off to these guys, K-Factor Media LLC ( ) and Jing Chen ( ) for making this thing so successful - and like I say, magically able to survive without Facebook's own birthday app ever getting enhanced anough to compete with them. But anyway, Jing looks like a smart, nice and now very wealthy person from all those pennies-a-day advertizing cheques from Facebook so good luck to them! What a great idea, wish I'd thought of it. #twitter #in #linkedin