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exactly how much have google brass invested in and

Notice how most questions on google ( anything with a question in it "how" "why" "how do you" "how do i" ) goes to no? because they go to It seems the known internet universe is narrowed down to basically those two sites, when viewed through google.

This phenomena Started about 90 days ago, with no signs of getting better. I wouldn't be blogging if wasn't basically a popup ad site with absolutely no answers at all. Picture yahoo answers, now picture the exact opposite: you now have, the suckiest site in 2012 in the known universe. Except for - which achieves the impossible by being even worse and crappier. There must be an award for the most annoying websites on the internet - anyone care to fill me in? I've got a couple of nominees.

So why google, why? I thought you were all about do no evil? why so evil?

Well, let's put on our detective hat. Is it on? Does it fit? Good! Let's start detecting!

So you ever read detective novels? The intelligent ones? Agatha Christie ones? If you read enough of the Hercule Poirot ones it's either about jealousy or money. And believe me I don't think any prime googlers ( meaning, owners of significant chunks of google stock ) are jealous of but holy cow there is some major money moving through the system for these jackasses to come up to the top of every search one does these days. Whether you search for FcoE information or swimming pool chemical tips, google is simply a front door, lobby, hearth, and red carpet to .... and if you work at google and are reading this, and you're not making money off this scam - hurry get in on the action !

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