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Skype and Google Voice - I don't know which is worse

OK well, the scaling of Skype is admirable - massive scale VoIP without a bunch of SIP. But you can't click on phone numbers with pauses and hashes in them, nor can you paste them into skype's almost certainly intentionally flawed dialer 1-866-200-9840x96885486# does not work. But the call quality is clear to South Africa and for that, I am thankful. But it seems if they can build a massive network that can handle millions of calls they should be able to handle standard calling nomenclature like X's or comma's for pauses and hashes (pounds as we yanks :-) ) like to call them. But nooooo!

Now google voice - I bought a bunch of credit from the Googlers, all enthusiastic about a great user experience ( anticipating ) and then the let down ... oh boy I have never, ever once had an intelligible long distance call with my parents in South Africa - exceptionally crappy voice quality, stemming from my input (my voice cannot be heard well by my parents ) and yet, I can hear them fine.

And of course, zero support from google. read my lips: There is NOBODY you can call. A waste of twenty bucks.

That is all for now on the VoIP front.

Where's my HD voice already?

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