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getting newrelic & phpMyAdmin working on ec2 bitnami

getting newrelic and phpMyAdmin working on ec2 bitnami FUN

So, first of all, the newrelic instructions were not bad. If you're a glutton for HEAVY punishment. Don't forget to rename the phpinfo file you make with a php extension. And install fifty different things with apt-get OK I am exaggerating, like 3 or 4 things. Did I mention that phpMyAdmin does not work on ec2 unless you setup a trippy ssh proxy on your laptop? Then you have to browse to your laptop to some wierd port? And this entire house of cards depends on Pagent and Putty, free shit from some unsung hero who never made a billion from it or had his own yacht in the America's Cup? Google that .... I guess I'm trying to do in an hour what IT guys take multiple days or weeks or training classes to do.

Go to

1. Download the Key from Amazon Console for your server
2. Start Pagent, add the Key ( the Private key! )
3. Start Putty, put SSH as the protocol, but don't clikc open yet
4. Go to SSH settings, say use Pageant
5. Also under SSH settings add a tunnel Source port: "8888", Destination: "localhost:80", and check the local and remote checkboxes at the top
6. Click Open
7. Overcome windows firewall blocking or other security message, allow it
8. login as bitnami. there should be no password
9. While the tunnel is active you can connect to the web application at or in your browser.
10. The default login is username: root ("administrator" for legacy versions) for MySQL or postgres for PostgreSQL database.
11. Password: bitnami (for BitNami AMIs), (for BitNami Cloud Hosting)