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How I walked away from the LAMP world and how it walked away from me

How I walked away from the LAMP world and how it walked away from me.

My goodness things have changed since I last used XAMPP! So I spent since 6:30AM getting my EC2 instance running. OK I spent part of Saturday and Sunday on it as well ( my life is so exciting! ). I ended up doing a manual LAMP install on Ubuntu 10.10 ( oxymoron right there huh: manual LAMP setup ) only to get nervous and go looking around for popular EC2 AMI's for LAMP. And that led me to bitnami. Now, caveat is I just got it running, so this is hardly a soak test or a long-term review. But I do feel the bitnami people really get it, their webpage hotlinks you right to the EC2 control panel to install their AMI, their instructions are not bad, and hey, they even had some content on the internet for HOW TO INSTALL VNC incredible! Someone wants VNC! No I really realize I should not be running a desktop on my box but what's the alternative? Puppet and Canonical and so on, or can someone educate me on if I have lots of things to download and install on my EC2 instance, and I don't magically know the wget links for all of them, how do I do it? In this case, for example, for a concrete example, to install the bitnami sugarCRM module on top of my existing ( and working fine ) bitnami LAMP stack? I'd have to download it to my laptop then upload it my EC2 box. Booo! So I got VNC working ( well, not on my bitnami box, on my first ( beta ) Ubuntu EC2 box ) and was pretty pleased with it (but not pleased with the hours of searching and nonsense out there on the internet as far as answers go ... I guess we, with the help of google's increasingly poor search results, really are obfuscating everything useful in order to (A) make sure Microsoft has a great next million quarters or (B) make sure geeks rule the world because we'll have to hire them to do just about everything geeky. Which I guess makes sense. But I remember when Linux was free, simple and there was good information on how to set it up. I can honestly say those days are h-i-s-t-o-r-y. Anyway, so in my browsings and time-sinking to get vnc working, I saw many, many many links on how something called "nx" or "freenx" or "nxserver" was so muuuuuch better .... so I thought I'd try it and wow. All I can say is wow. If I thought installing and configuring vnc properly ( make sure to set ec2 security ports to 5900-5940 ) was painful, it was NOTHING my friends to getting nxserver working. Let me post you a few links I followed here that worked, as opposed to THOUSANDS of links that led to pure bogus information. Firstly, this is for bitnami, so go here and also read this then sort of gestalt the two together, then most importantly what the author of the EXPLICIT EC2 PLATFORM related content didn't bother to mention is you have to open up a shitload of ports for NX to work! I think. I had to go on my EC2 security and open everything until I figure out which ports are needed. oK let me look now so this blog is slightly more useful, if only to me .... switching to google tab and back in 3 ... 2 ... 1 and I'm back so it's 5000-5200 and 7000-7200 at a minimum ... and by default the gnome stuff did not work so edit node.cfg ( cd / , sudo find ./ -name node.cfg -print ) to uncomment the 2nd START_GNOME line for unity 2d. That's about it. I lost just about what little sanity I had left there over the last few days but now NX server works and I have a desktop. Now you'll probably tell me there's a fancy way to do pretty much whatever I wanted over some web browser desktop or something. I feel lost, I feel old, I feel defeated, but most of all I feel like I still in some way enjoy the bizzarre world of being a nerd, which pretty much boils down to enjoyment of long chains of horrible (yet insignificant) problems that have to be solved in rapid order. Kind of like video games for adults. With that said, I am now off to bury my head in the sand, until next time, your intrepid hunter S. thompson look-alike. Adios. twitter #in