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Acquisitive little things

Acquisitive little things, aren't we!

Well, my employer and our arch-rival both satisfied their yearning to grow inorganically and finally found the hole burning in their pockets where they keep their big stash of collective cash.
#Ixia as you have already seen dug deep, really deep, and forked over $145M (!!) for a cool company where a few long-term acquaintances of mine work, Anue. Their impairment box is a must-have on my lab gear list if I was designing a core router, wan accelerator, or anything really mission critical. Not to be outdone #Spirent bought a new-school app testing and cloud testing company named Mu as in Micro as in Mew! Moo! And there's plenty of fun stuff at to be seen about Mu (Moo). Spirent got a bargain at $40M but I think both purchases raised eyebrows in the greater testing community. My personal opinion is there's a lot of strategy when it comes to buying a business, and nobody buys anybody anymore just for EBITDA or earnings multiples. Think patents, think intellectual property, think greater Rivalries, think the game of chess. I am not sure this is the last of the buying, selling, or horse trading, but hey Interop starts at 10am tomorrow and they had to get it done before then. In the months ahead, there's big, big, big fish to land or get swallowed by in the T&M ( Test & Measurement ! ) world out there, but that's the subject of another post. I also think our economy, high-tech in particular (including bioscience) is in the midst of another rocket like apogee but again, you'll have to wait for another post on my opines on the greater market. But for now I shall conclude with a congratulations to both Ixia and Spirent on buying some cool technologies and as a bonus, both companies that have great shipping products and tons of customers. That's all for now, my next update shall be "from the show floor" at #Interop as they say. #in twitter