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I never knew testing was so exciting

It's always refreshing to be surrounded by people that are experts in their field, and get positive feedback on products I've worked on for so many years. Especially gratifying was to see this group I am with ask really intelligent questions to better understand testing, and we helped answer the questions they had. Testing is not that hard to understand, it's just esoteric. That's what I tell people. Network Performance Testing has traditionally been inaccessible mainly due to it being an Elite activity, driven by cost. By which I mean, a 10G test port costs a lot more than a 10G switch port, many many times more, due to the simple nature of economies of scale, and also there are higher expectations of a test port - it is held to a higher standard. I'm always trying to find ways to make testing more accessible to more people, because the methodologies and principals test engineers in a lab environment spend time doing, are also of great value to production networks and enterprise engineers - if only they didn't cost so much! If I find a solution to bring the price down, you'll be the first to know. #in twitter