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Know your AC connectors!

Sometimes it's nice to know the right words for something we've worked with for decades- for me one of these things is those electrical cables we've plugged and unplugged thousands of times, and found that sometimes, they don't fit. Well, the fit or not-fit is determined by the plug ends. I've called these things "kettle cords" "ac cables" but I decided to do a little post here on the top 4 cable types I've encountered in networks and routers and datacenters, so without further ado, in order here is my totally not canonical list of computer cables, list by frequency of occurance:

1. NEMA 5-15P to C13

This is your standard "kettle cord" found at home and in the office, and used in the datacenter. Comes in different thicknesses ( "Gauges" ) and probably incorrectly used a lot of the time, but it works!
Seems like 90% of all computer gear uses this.

2. NEMA 5-15P to C19

OK this one is slightly annoying when you run across it, as 9 times out of 10 if the machine requires this C19 connector, all you have lying around the lab or datacenter are C13 connectors ( see above for picture of C13 ( the female end ). Also I've experienced pain because of the reverse: My computer or router needed a C13 and all I had was a C19!

3. NEMA 5-20P to C19

This big puppy! Not seen often. Usually on UPS's.

4. NEMA 5-15P to IEC 603020C5

And my favorite to hate - we've all been there with this one. Even the name is annoying "IEC 603020 C5" seriously, can you imagine the bureaucratic jackasses who came up with that and how many meetings and flights to international locations they had coming up with that name, probably a hash of all their restaurant bills and frequent flyer numbers. This is a particularly annoying connector when you run across it or you find some joker has specced' this on the machine power supply, probably just as a practical joke on the end users. Lose the cord to this box and you'll be paying top dollar to order another one from Amazon :-)
But seriously, if you do this connector on your box, I hate you.

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