EBS != Reddit Postgres

EBS != Reddit Postgres #in #tw So it seems Reddit has had enough of testing EBS for Amazon. They're mostly just serving up little slices of data and don't seem to store anything much, surprising. Linkage here: http://blog.reddit.com/2012/01/january-2012-state-of-servers.html


CMS = Content Mangling System #HANDCODED

Diffie-Hellman in TCL - just in time for Christmas!!

puts "A really silly Diffie Helman example in TCL"
puts "-------------------------------------------"
puts ""
puts -nonewline "What is the name of person 1 ? "; flush stdout; gets stdin name1

Is Crossbar switching the new black? Can we ask Charles Clos?

Everybody's lining up to kick Cisco when they're down? Are they down? I personally don't think so.
But there are a dozen analysts who'll tell you different. Especially when it comes to Switching.


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