The RSA EMC Cisco Show.

RSA coming up - that means: Plenty of FUD and expensive downtown SF parking. Exhortations of bullet-proof security and important speeches about how evil Anonymous is. Talks by every kid who ever found an exploit. RSA, owned by EMC. EMC in turn mostly owned by Cisco. (VMWARE also owned by EMC) twitter #in

Beer Advocate AND Hulu Plus down tonight - coincidence?

Actually Beer Advocate was down starting yesterday - some nonesense about rebuilding a database server come on people!
Oh, and Hulu Plus is down right now - videos don't play, clicking on account takes several minutes to return account information - smells like another database down or cloud - wonder if they are leveraging hadoop? twitter #in

Bogasity Bozan?

James Parry - not from BCIT.
I guess I missed out. Read about him here if you ever spent time on SLIP and usenet and Eudora.
P.S. Shannon was a wildly successful stock market investor and I didn't know that.
Go check it out. Unrelated.
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Cisco SDN != Openflow?

Rumor from Cisco Live London is the roadmap blew out the window of the Cisco Chevy convertible on the way to Vegas, somewhere past Mojave so they drew another one that may not have OpenFlow on it. Not sure if this is the official stance. Not sure if that's good or bad. twitter #in.

Security flaws hit home

Well, isn't this dandy! Here's a visceral reason to realize that as we get more komputerized we need to be more vigilant is it worth it? That webcam you watch your house with might just be watched by others on the internet, seeing your every move and your families. Due to, BUGS yes who would have thought software would have bugs. Unheard of!! Anyway, scary stuff. Trendnet, you suck.

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3 Chevy Sonics dropped out of C-130's

So it turns out that wasn't CGI (no, not PERL scripting you NERDS) in the Superbowl Ad that I just watched on Hulu ( didn't watch the StupidBowl woops did I really say that ), well, I need to look into the "kickflip" that might have been CGI, especially the landing, but the Parachute one was 100% real, 3 cars out of C-130's, only one with a 'chute because it cost more than the car...

The Great Rose Bowl Hoax

Were these guys the website defacers before there was such a thing as the Web? .... how would you top this? twitter #in

Great Scott! Debt Piigs - The best Infographic Euro Crisis

The age of infographics has arrived. What Time magazine pioneered is now the only form of written (drawn?) communication. Sheesh, this is hard! Trying to write blogs that are twitter-sized is tough. Got to get the first words right, and enough of them, very Staccato, like an old telegraph, Stop. over and out. stop. STOP?

Know your AC connectors!

Sometimes it's nice to know the right words for something we've worked with for decades- for me one of these things is those electrical cables we've plugged and unplugged thousands of times, and found that sometimes, they don't fit. Well, the fit or not-fit is determined by the plug ends. I've called these things "kettle cords" "ac cables" but I decided to do a little post here on the top 4 cable types I've encountered in networks and routers and datacenters, so without further ado, in order here is my totally not canonical list of computer cables, list by frequency of occurance:

Wifi - so secure!

So as you may have read, tw, #in, Wilmington, NC is getting City Wifi. So I logged onto the city webpage and read their FAQ for their WiFi service and came across this nice gem:

Q: What about security?
A: As with any Internet access you should take appropriate security precautions.


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