All things bitrate!

All things bitrate! My pick for Wikipedia article of the year so far: covers network bitrate, audio bitrate, all things bitrate! Nicely done and a small thanks to the authors Omegatron, Thunderbird2, Tom Morris, DoriSmith, Shanes, Dans653 and everyone else who contributed to this great article. twitter #in

will we "sea" undersea TRILL in our lifetime ?

A little bird told me undersea high speed (photonic optical-burst capable?) interfaces sell for a cool million per port. But when your union tech is a cable laying ship it might just be worth it. and New undersea cables planned for arctic passageways, frozen gamers dream of lower pings -

Blogging about blogging

It had to happen eventually. So now, here I am blogging about a blogging event. What exactly is a blogging event? Does it involve beer? We're about to find out. Stay tuned.

Great Video by Martin Rowe at OFC/NFOEC

Myself at OFC/NFOEC, thanks Martin, first one I've seen on Youtube that shows the live Demo quite nicely:

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hiring !

Mid senior level, virtual, security, dcbx, marketing. ping me for details. #in twitter

vCider rips VEPA?

So vCider wrote an interesting VEPA article, thought I'd share it here. Something I may want to re-read anyway.
Title: VEPA: A Standard Only a Network Hardware Vendor Could Love via @vcider

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14.1MP 4-core Android 4 Waterproof Phone!

Phandroid went to Fujitsu's booth at MWC 2012 and found a prototype with Android 4.0, Quad-Core, 13.1MP camera, 4G LTE connectivity... not to mention it's waterproof and has a fingerprint scanner.
My only question: Does it come with a backpack to carry the battery(s)?

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Why can't Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook merge?

Annoying to have to update everything three times.
Or would it be an invasion of privacy to have the same account on all three?
Would you then need a Personal and Corporate account on all social networks?
Sounds like you would! Therefore, don't you see a market for a new breed of social network account management software startups that should emerge to help to manage that juggling act?
What about moving your tweet and social history between accounts when account change, vmotioning it, if you will?
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