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Honlulu Traffic & Waves

Worst in the country for a city this size.
Google map the traffic on the highways around 5am to 8am hawaii time.
But the waves are still good.
This is where surfing began.

OpenSSL Sucks. Anybody remember ?

Included here in case his site disappears.  Included his Copyright.
OpenSSL is written by monkeys
I know it sounds harsh but lets investigate the facts.

Job Market

The Job Market in network engineering is turning around.  Either that or I finally wrote a good resume, because I'm getting a lot of calls.
That is all.
Aribaderci for now.

My Computers

I got my first one in Calgary at 96 Mapleburn drive.  Vague memories.  Can barely remember where we kept it.  I believe in the corner of the basement.


Here we go


1980 - TRS-80 w 8" floppy (and tape drive not pictured)  lots of BASIC programmingtrs-80



1981 - TRS-80 Color Computer - more BASIC now in Color! Wrote a Centipede Clone that sucked!


Regular Expression Poach & Archive

I'm sorry but stuff this good you know, I don't want it to disappear because somebody forgot to pay their hosting bill.

There hundreds of regex tutorials slash references on the web, most are dismal.  This one is great.

This is credited to



TJ Hooker

I was always amazed this never disappeared off the web.  If it ever does, here it is preserved in this mason jar.  Don't smash the jar.




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