How to upgrade VMWARE ESX HOST 4.0 to ESXi 4.1

I haven't blogged here for a while but I have done a bit of blogging for my corporate company, Spirent. Google can find that for you if you're interested. So I've been away but as you will shortly see it's been worth the wait. This is the big Kahuna, as anyone who's actually done it can attest to. This is the mythical vmware esx host 4.0 to esxi 4.1 upgrade.

How to upgrade Brocade 8000 firmware

Hint: There is DIDDLY SQUAT on the internet to help you unless you want to scrape and scrounge in forums. Not impressed, Brocade.


Updates to the Lendary Hackers List

Another hotlinking but nobody reads my site anyway so no harm done.

Source is


But again, it is valuable and would suck if it got lost so this is a backup of sorts.

But I really wanted to add this guy: Ashley Mitchell



Holy moly, my parents computer was badly infected by something. Symptom was ctl-alt-del did not work and the search provider in IE and FF was hijacked. The first thing that I noticed which was wrong was I could not get to gmail. I then noticed I could not even search for the search term gmail! So I downloaded malwarebytes and let it do its thing, it found a few trojans and so on and cleaned them but didn't fix the problem.
I then dloaded Kaspersky 30-day trial and ran it, it found one or two virii and so on but still the problem persisted.

vmware support is good

I found vmware support in Bangalore very pleasant to talk to, twice today. Very helpful, wait times that were not bad ( at 3PM pacific ) and they resolved my issues quickly. They even rolled back my license to an evaluation one when my license failed.

all sorts

just totally stolen from stack overflow


But again, because the internet is fallible, this is a backup



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