How to get different voice for Microsoft XP text to speech tts

To get Microsoft Mary and Mike for Windows XP, click on this link and get the free ones at the bottom. Nothing else I found works. I scanned the file with kaspersky and it is virus free.

Interop 2011 - smaller

Seemed a smaller show than last year, although my Employer ( Spirent ) raked in more leads than in years past. Unlike last year, I did not get a shot at winning us best of show ( we won last year ). That is because our original design was not approved internally this year.

cloning vms with a scrypt

I've written several hundred tcl scripts and maybe 1000 configuration files, that's true. About 10% of that for Perl. But I haven't used Windows powershell since when I was a Cisco consultant for a silver partner, back in 1995. But here goes, download powercli its free from vmware install windows powershell 1.0 first.
Here's the script.
It bitched and moaned and spat out lots of angry red text but worked fine. esx 4.1.

vnc to work in centos 5.6

Answer: Just go under preferences remote desktop enable it there.

XAMPP on Linux

It's all covered on their amazing website.
Somebody buy them a beer!
But anyway, to get it to start on boot add these to the rc.5 directory ( if x11 ) or rc.3 ( if not )

busybox tftp format

quite nonstandard: tftp -g -r filename.txt

hopefully it does binary by default.

VMKFSTools Tips #1

First of all my goal. My goal is to replace a single binary file in an existing VMDK.
Similar goals include backing up or restoring a single file in an existing VMDK.


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