Netflix Encoding

BOY!!!! If I could be sure this stuff would never disappear I would simply link to it.
But I backup my site so the only way to be sure is copy & paste. You only live twice.

A multitude of Codecs

I used to think, how many underlying transport protocols do we really need to send "hello, world" from point A to point B?
Well, the answer as it turns out, is: A lot!

Technorati, GigaOm, Alphadogs and the new order of industry Analysts

They say things move fast in networking.
And they don't move any faster than the fall from grace of the old-school of the Gartners and so on, they're in my junk mail list and probably yours too.

Adding Openfiler NFS to ESX 4.x

Openfiler has this vm you can download.
So download it.
Then add a hard disk to it.
Then boot it, then partition the disk into 2 pieces.
make one partition iscsi, the other nfs

AGAIN how to ssh to vmware

This time, even though I had user brett added by going to my host directly (not vCenter) I still had to

- delete user brett
- add user brett with shell access

Brocade Cheat Sheet - from

From Thanks - brilliant! Copied here for posterity, hate to do this, but gave credit and stuff disappears on the internet the moment somebody doesn't renew their hosting so archived here and will remove on request if needed.



SAN Switch cheat sheet

Changing your vCenter Server ip address - more fun!

So I went and change my vCenter server ip address.
It hurt!
I went into windows, changed it there - and suddenly vSphere showed all my esx servers as being unreachable.


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