I fixed it!

Well, from time to time websites go down and mine is no expception. It didn't go down, just my Drupal installation got messed up because first I started getting blank pages after posting a new post.
Then, I couldn't login because login produced a white page. Checked the mysql databases, nothing strange there. So the fix seems I FTP'd the drupal directory back to lunarpages to fix it. Noticed some spam code in my pages hidden text, check the source of these pages. Still locating on finding the offending module.

Stallman rocks!!

Archived here, again, because it is very good, and the concern is it might disappear if I don't save it.
RMS if you reading this, I doubt you'll want it removed but simply ask and I shall.

iPHone 4s - no gorilla glass on the Camera !

So .... unless you like scratchy lenses, don't set your iphone4 down on it's back.

And I'm not just picking on crapple apple, my Galazy SII is the same way!

Well, in Marketing, you always have to hold back something for the next release, they say

Siri and the Turing test

SIRI, is it really you?

So my buddy up North says Siri is the best girlfriend he ever had. I have some doubts about that but she is up for the Loebner prize http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_test#Loebner_Prize Fast forward 10 years and combine Siri with some of those Japanese lifelike robots and you have deus ex machina.

Old Barrel 'o Scripts

TCL Clearing the screen on DOS/Win32 command prompt
exec >@ stdout cmd.exe /c cls

VNC copy and paste Windows -> Ubuntu & Centos

Didn't work at first, google no help, so time for experimentation. While connected I went into the client input settings, disabled all, OK, then re-enabled all, then it magically worked. Versions:RealVnc free 4.1.3 and Ubunto 10.x

Galaxy S II - it boots faster

...and the screen is slightly larger than my Galaxy S 1.

What else can I say? I wish AT&T had done the 4.5" screen like T-Mobile did, that would have been a significant change.

But I do appreciate the instant-on boot speed, and that's probably the main advantage to this new phone.

At least with dual-core and a fast vector market penetration globally there will be lots of accessories for it and it should probably run everything conceivable for the next 2 years. Except that also describes my Galaxy 1, except, it took a while to boot. That is all. End of post.


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