You won't see google indexing this fix: go through control panel and install every single visual c++ redist. yup, all of em. uninstall the windcomm bluetooth driver. reboot. dell M4600, the battletank.

and that's the last straw

Drupal is a real nasty piece of work. I have been trying it out on the theory that how many people can be so wrong? Well, the answer is, a lot can be wrong.
Drupal, this is goodbye. I am going to find another CMS, any CMS will do. Not Joomla.

chrome crappy font fix

enable "Disable DirectWrite"

201 Tuesday



Approach A: just decrypt to a text file on the proxy

I did:
ssldump -Aed -nr my_ssl_vip_encrypted.pcap -k /config/filestore/files_d/Common_d/certificate_key_d/\:Common\:key_wrong_common_name_should_fail.key_296251_1


win764sp1 tcp rwin scaling factor

So thanks to this site ( ) and the smart guy behind it ( Jerry Jongerius ) I truly now believe the only way to monkey with the windows 7 ( 64-bit, service pack 1 ) tcp receive window ( aka RWIN ) is through the rather ambiguously named "heuristics" setting in netsh. Basically, as hopefully the embedded album below will illustrate, because of the decrepit way internet explorer ( 6, was it?

nomad or bronson? revision 1.

revision 1. Trying to decide on a new mountain bike.
27.5+ looks ... well, I just can't do it. So old fossilized 27.5 technology it shall be!
Nomad, same weight, just so slack.
Bronson. Perfect. Except the large is a hair too short in the reach for me.
Will update soon.

Plug for my buddy's cocktail show

Last week hung out with my buddy Derrick in Austin, and felt I better give him a plug here for his truly educational cocktail mixing/spirits show on youtube. Apparently, it's the #2 show in this category on all of youtube. Follow this link or search for "common man cocktails"

It's Android custom Rom again!

So I decided I needed yet another galaxy tab, and with that, I now needed to re-purpose my original galaxy tab 10.1 wifi ( GT-P7510, about 4 years old ) for my in-flight movie watching machine, seeing as all the other 10-inchers are now being used by the fam.

I went with in the end nameless-4.4.4-20140710-p4wifi-NIGHTLY after using the omni rom and being more than slightly disappointed that it didn't have any kind of web browser or play store built in, I understand it's experimental but how much can you do without a browser??

bigip.conf to csv

For readability, Just like it says, this converts a bigip.conf to a CSV which can be popped into excel for vastly improved readability when going through a large config.
I would say the readability is like a text version of the network map.

set myfh [open bigip_base.conf r]
set mylines [split [read $myfh] \n]
close $myfh
set introduction ""
foreach line $mylines {
set line [string trim $line]
set line [regsub -all "{" $line " "]
set line [regsub -all "}" $line " "]
lappend mylines2 $line


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