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All things bitrate!

All things bitrate! My pick for Wikipedia article of the year so far: covers network bitrate, audio bitrate, all things bitrate! Nicely done and a small thanks to the authors Omegatron, Thunderbird2, Tom Morris, DoriSmith, Shanes, Dans653 and everyone else who contributed to this great article. twitter #in

will we "sea" undersea TRILL in our lifetime ?

A little bird told me undersea high speed (photonic optical-burst capable?) interfaces sell for a cool million per port. But when your union tech is a cable laying ship it might just be worth it. and New undersea cables planned for arctic passageways, frozen gamers dream of lower pings -

Blogging about blogging

It had to happen eventually. So now, here I am blogging about a blogging event. What exactly is a blogging event? Does it involve beer? We're about to find out. Stay tuned.

Great Video by Martin Rowe at OFC/NFOEC

Myself at OFC/NFOEC, thanks Martin, first one I've seen on Youtube that shows the live Demo quite nicely:

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hiring !

Mid senior level, virtual, security, dcbx, marketing. ping me for details. #in twitter

vCider rips VEPA?

So vCider wrote an interesting VEPA article, thought I'd share it here. Something I may want to re-read anyway.
Title: VEPA: A Standard Only a Network Hardware Vendor Could Love via @vcider

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14.1MP 4-core Android 4 Waterproof Phone!

Phandroid went to Fujitsu's booth at MWC 2012 and found a prototype with Android 4.0, Quad-Core, 13.1MP camera, 4G LTE connectivity... not to mention it's waterproof and has a fingerprint scanner.
My only question: Does it come with a backpack to carry the battery(s)?

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