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Google Voice - Disappointment that Billions of dollars can't fix

I'm willing to put out a bounty on anybody that has anything approaching good call quality using google voice. Heck, I'll buy you a beer if you can even get your voicemail greeting to sound anything close to comprehensible. The problem is google voice calls YOU to record your greeting. I've tried (a) having it call my phone (b) having it call my skype (c) it offers to let you call itself which is .... sigh .... But Wait! The Best Part! Check out this screenshot of their little feedback form and dig the sarcasm on the last question.

Google Traffic Gripe of the Hour!

So I sent this to Google this morning via their "Report a Problem" "feature" in their "maps" application ( OK, the last quotations were going a bit far! ) but who's had this annoyance besides me? All ten million of you that read my blog? Good! Here is what I sent the Googies:

A great Linux Kernel TCP Slow Start post to Share

I'm sorry, I'm studying and heads-down doesn't give me time to blog about much. Other than the fact the online training at my new company is excellent - a huge amount of work and effort went into it, and I love it! Never seen anything like it, in fact, as far as how they put it together technically, visually, the actual content itself is some of the best sales training I've ever seen, etc.

Port Scans of "Smart" Phones

There have been several articles on the potential IP-based vulnerabilities of mobile phones.
I have not read all of them, but this article written by F5's David Holmes is one of the better ones, so I just sharing with you all #twitter #in #linkedin

DefCon on and Twitter down? Coincidence?

Defcon is going on - and Twitter is down? Coincidence? Will my tweet about this get buffered or queued or just bit-bucketed? What happens to the millions upon millions of queued tweets?
What effect will this have on the SMS infrastructure? Does it back up like a clogged pipe?


Who exactly is behind Facebook, MyCalendars Birthday Request?

So do you use facebook? Silly question. Follow up, equally silly question: When you log on to Facebook, have you seen the "MyCalendars Birthday Request" ? Obviously the answer is yes to both.

Skype: read about it everywhere else, now read about it here

Not really worthy of a blog post, but still.... So supposedly ( I haven't looked through the source code myself (yet)) the Skype source code has been hacked and posted What does this mean? How does one profit by looking at lines of code in a product that the big M paid 8.5 Billion for. No, if your memory is as short as mine, it can't be 8.5 Billion can it? Is that in Lira? It just seems a bit high doesn't it, for a voip chat service?

The Olde Country IP Over Avian connection

So now my blog relies on a Pigeon named "Winston" for fresh content. So we've all heard of (and wondered who footed the travel bill for) the IP Over Avian Carriers RFC(s?) but not all of "us" know I am from South Africa, so when I came across this gem I had to re-post footnotes: 4GB, 60Miles, 11-month old Pigeon. #twitter #in

What a great FBI site!

So who knew the FBI could make hip Infograms - putting all us tech marketing folk to shame! Just kidding, I suppose they have plenty of tech marketing talent over at the FBI as well.
Anyway, regarding the latest #DNSChanger news, I thought this was relevant, take a look at this FBI page

who do you trust?

So who's trustworthy, not to leak your passwords? Google? Yahoo? your bank? Linkedin? Who do you trust?
#twitter #in


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