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Acquisitive little things

Acquisitive little things, aren't we!

Imgur having major issues last 2 or 3 days

Imgur seems to over capacity 50% of the time in the last 2 or 3 days. Same as Hulu - coincidence? Cynic in my says Imgur want to prove they're more popular than insta.gram haha but seriously, I blame storage. #in twitter

Prices AT&T, Verizon, Sprint charge for cell-phone taps

So I ran across this article this morning about the Prices AT&T, Verizon, Sprint charge for cell-phone taps ( ) and it reminded me of an early Access program I wrote for the RCMP ( Canadian FTW! ) that helped them find conversations on electronically timestamped reels of voice recordings. Not sure I should talk about this here, but I think it's OK, I think it was relatively unclassified.

I never knew testing was so exciting

It's always refreshing to be surrounded by people that are experts in their field, and get positive feedback on products I've worked on for so many years. Especially gratifying was to see this group I am with ask really intelligent questions to better understand testing, and we helped answer the questions they had. Testing is not that hard to understand, it's just esoteric. That's what I tell people. Network Performance Testing has traditionally been inaccessible mainly due to it being an Elite activity, driven by cost.

Hacking Page of the Week

Note: I'm a part-time security researcher - I'm not a hacker. Big difference. My new candidate for hacking page of the year ( for browser stuff ) - who knows what this guys page scrapes & grinds your browser for when you connect to him though! Clicker beware.

...and DOWN goes Chase online website

And it's 8:30AM Pacific, Monday and DOWN goes Chase online banking service - and JP Morgan - and aren't they WaMu too? So I'm thinking how many millions of customers can't get on right now? Is it just west coast? Hacktivist attack? Human Error? App problem, Website problem, Storage or DataCenter problem? Could more proactive load testing have been the missing ingredient to better uptime? This is going to cost somebody in the IT executive ranks - I don't think it's any fun being in IT when this happens, even if you're the VP.

Home Depot cashier self-checkout now includes Paypal option

I didn't know: Home Depot cashier self-checkout now includes Paypal option. Seriously. I think that's disruptive. Check the picture for proof


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