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ssn guessing algorithm better than a wild guess

So here's a fun one: ssn guessing algorithm better than a wild gues.
Only the paranoid survive. Who said that ?

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exactly how much have google brass invested in and

Notice how most questions on google ( anything with a question in it "how" "why" "how do you" "how do i" ) goes to no? because they go to It seems the known internet universe is narrowed down to basically those two sites, when viewed through google.

My Linkedin Password is Safe! I checked!

Assuming I downloaded the right password database, my password (or should I say its hash) is not in it.

Gotta love Network world! Thanks to Bradon Butler

Webex Voice Quality this Morning - poor

So, this is not a bash on webex. It's awesome. But I'd love to know more about why the voice quality varies so much? Does it have to buffer all speaker voice frames until all attendees have recieved the previous ones, then send it? That's my theory because it seems that if all folks are in North America, say, or in California say, then quality is invariably excellent. But add in some folks from India and ( I think more Europe is the culprit) and the quality goes south quickly. Anybody know?? Just curious
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The Arcminute Rule

Well, so my blog isn't entirely about data networking and beer, here's something practical. I decided to try to find an online service where I could upload some photo I took and have it printed out and framed on canvas using those fancy canvas printers. so far makes sense, right? Well I wanted something big like 72 inches wide for the bedroom, so I then thought hmmmm I wonder if my photos are hi enough resolution but ( just like in Latency! Sorry for the data network testing reference!! ) resolution is meaningless, utterly, totally useless, a word like flim flam or hoosiwatsit.

Skype and Google Voice - I don't know which is worse

OK well, the scaling of Skype is admirable - massive scale VoIP without a bunch of SIP. But you can't click on phone numbers with pauses and hashes in them, nor can you paste them into skype's almost certainly intentionally flawed dialer 1-866-200-9840x96885486# does not work. But the call quality is clear to South Africa and for that, I am thankful. But it seems if they can build a massive network that can handle millions of calls they should be able to handle standard calling nomenclature like X's or comma's for pauses and hashes (pounds as we yanks :-) ) like to call them.

The only beer brewed in the White House

So, thanks to all 14 yr old's fave website ( Reddit ) I now know that the White House brews it's own beer! AWESOMENESS and here's the link

YES ..... Obama initiated this awesome tradition.

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Load Testing!

Load Testing!

We talk about it everyday ( no we don't! only you geeks talk about it everyday! ) but what does it mean? Where does this mysterious phrase come from? Is "Carbon Pile" anything to do with Gomer Pile?

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Well, so you know about NoMachine? I guess I'm like, 3 years too late to be cutting edge. Story of my life. Actually that's not true at all. But you snooze you lose. twitter #in.
Anyway, RDP, VNC, tightVNC, RealVNC, UltraVNC, and now yet another way. And prehaps webex or go2mypc or one of the other ones. Or just could old startx ( x11 if you are not one of the annointed). Prehaps there should be a desktop sharing standard instead of so many competing ways to do the same thing, none of which do copy and paste correctly. there I said it. Go Kings!


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