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Google Cards in Android

OK this post is going to keep a running commentary on Google Cards in Android.
Because so far, I've found some amusing behavior.

They demand it, but are they getting it?

So with MWC coming up, this caught my eye, and not in a good way see pic below.
First woman looks frustrated, maybe having some bad news on the phone.
Next woman looks drunk, or maybe listening to some old school J-pop.
First Man looks positively p-o'd.
Second Man has given up on his mobile entirely, and is now doing soccer (sorry: football) tricks.
Last man is positively furious and is about to throw his mobile, a really long way.

MySql permissions - fun fun fun

With thanks to Ramesh Nataranjan and his article here, and also modding the bind-address in the my.cnf file, I can now connect.

$ mysql -u root -p
Enter password:

mysql> use mysql

mysql> GRANT ALL ON *.* to root@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'your-root-password';


It's Halloween and the old website is back from the dead!

Thank you, google images, for reminding me:
If you are a 10th level Geek or higher, be sure to try the "rent vs buy" calculator and look at the source code
I was quite proud of it at the time. Try to find one that more cold-stone correct than that, I challenge you.

It's getting scary out there

Just in time for Halloween. Folks Locked out of their bank accounts because of an offensive video and resulting religious backlash. At least, that's the reason they want us to think. I'm not buying it. Perfect cover I'll give them that. While security is scrambling who knows what details might be slipping through the cracks. There: scary enough for you?

#twitter #in #linkedin

Really microsoft?

As somebody who has to change ip addresses from the command line, I gotta wonder how long Microsoft is going to hold out with all their scripting languages like powershell, netsh, ipconfig etc when the entire networking world uses some variant of unix or gnu commands.

faster up than down ? thanks, FIOS !

This from my house of course. Actually from my mobile through my WiFi.
Test Date: Sep 16, 2012 10:54:32 am
Connection Type: Wifi
Server: Seattle, WA
Download: 20044 kbps
Upload: 23320 kbps
Ping: 51 ms


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