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Well, this is scary. What about Guam?

I sincerely hope this story is false - if it's true, it's disturbing on many levels, and so rant-worthy.

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My office this morning has a Beautiful View!

Yes, I'm still a NYC noob and stunned by the beauty in the concrete chaos

Three cheers for Concur, the greatest travel & expense software of all time!

With thanks to Peter Crosby. I originally was going to write my own summary of what a tragedy Concur is, but the million monkey's theorem wins every time, so here is a link to a fanastic write-up from 2007 that details all the issues we have in mid-2013, except that the poor author didn't realize that not only would Concur ignore his blog, they would also take each bad feature and make it worse, then proceed to their laboratory and invent previously-unthought of bad features and add them.

ACL's and firewalls

There are top web properties that don't use firewalls.
Just to let you know.
Those in the know, already know this. I didn't know this, but I'm slowly getting in the know, so to speak, if you will.

But on that note let me karma hog by posting a link to this fine gentleman's article from 2010 that addresses this matter

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300G DDOS - Great post

There's been a lot of secondary sources quoted and written up and the media has multiplied that into a thousand articles on the 300G DDOS SpamHaus attack and what it did to cloudflare.
For a media-free viewpoint, simply go here to see something written firsthand, by Cloudflare's network provider ( probably GTT ).
I'm not going to copy & paste, please go to the link.

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This isn't the BCIT mainframe and Cobol '77 anymore

Github - it's not just for breakfast anymore.
This is one of my usual soft rants about how confusing and difficult smart people make simple things for other smart people.
Executive Summary:

To get Zend running on Windows, with Xammp, use these instructions:

my site got attacked

So my fanbase will have noticed my site has been down lately. (Actually it's been down twice. Because of updating drupal. More on that later. ) And they might wonder, with all my inside industry information if perhaps I am not on a pastebin list somewhere or other.... perhaps a target of those evil-doers who are out to destroy all the good in networking. The legion of network villains, I think they are called. And if you did it would have SHOCKED you to know my site has been down for 3 days while I've been travelling on business - my biggest outage ever!

F5 ZebOs

So it's no secret I work at F5 now.
I recently had a customer have some problem with routing, and I got to understand a little bit about the F5 ZebOs user interface, which is of course, all on the command line.
The important bit is it's perfectly valid to do a config t and just paste in your routing config. Assuming your vlans and "self-ip's" (I'll never, ever get used to saying that) match of course.
More later. Much more!


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