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tmsh f5 bigip provisioning

For 11.4.1

tmsh list /sys management-ip
tmsh modify sys global-settings mgmt-dhcp disabled
tmsh delete /sys management-ip
tmsh create /sys management-ip
tmsh list /sys management-ip
tmsh save sys config

#tmsh list /sys management-route
#tmsh show /net route
#tmsh delete /sys management-route
#tmsh create /sys management-route network / gateway
#tmsh list /sys management-route
#tmsh show /net route


recursive dns resolver script in tcl

This script deals with the fact that cnames are sometimes the answers to dns queries.
For example, in the below dig we get dns-any-yadayada. We don't want that, we want the IP address. The script recursively digs until it gets the ip address.

$ dig +short @

Radius Health Monitor on F5 BigIP

This was for a customer running an older version of F5 software, who could not tolerate cleartext passwords in the configurations. New versions of F5 software ( 11.4.1 + ) can encrypt radius passwords for things like health monitors.
PDF here

Google Drive vs Cloud Storage - Top Gear episode

I have a customer that has brilliant new cloud service. I don't want to mention their name here but they have TV ads running for their cloud service, which can be yours, all yours!
F5's BigIP is a huge part of this, both in making it happen and securing it.
This SaaS is storage. This is saving your files somewhere else and paying a tiny monthly fee for it.
I kind of wish I'd signed up for it.
Just like I kind of wish I'd gone all Flikr for my photos and not Picasa ( Picasa is the world's worst software and word's worst service by the way ).

how to arrange windows 7 explorer by date with folders LAST

Thank you to Ronny - I had been searching for this forever!

1. Make sure the Library is optimized for Documents (right click/Properties/Optimize settings).
2. Set the Arrange By menu to Modified. Set the View menu to Details.

how to opt out of facebook personalized ads

Facebook pays Criteo to show you ads for what you already searched for on Google.
Because this seems redudant, at best, and just as my own personal protest at how dumb of an advertizing idea this is, I wanted to share with you how to opt out of these Criteo ads on all your browsers that you ever have used with Facebook.

the wonderful world of "development"

I have a hobby working on a "modern" website.
Long ago when I was a programmer ( before I was a "coder" who "wrote code" and even after when I was a "developer" ( in a dark room?)) I coded in c, basic, visual basic, assembler, pascal, fortran and a little c++.
I was also a "webmaster" a long time ago.

I long for those days!

Nowadays to be a developer means you basically are a webmaster.
And your code is a hodge podge of wacky languages that make c++ look efficient like javascript and jquery and flash and so on.
And don't get me started on CSS!

Passwords as a full time job - Couldn't have said it better myself

The field of Computers ( IT, Dev, the whole shabang) is a strange combination of uber-efficient geeks mixed with folks who are the opposite - their sole purpose in coming in to work everyday is to string problems along as long as possible, and turn molehills into mountains, both from a Dev and application perspective. Big enterprises are full of both. This blog is a highlight example of how one can take something like passwords from the Dev and implementation perspectives and turn it into Mt. Aetna. I enjoyed reading it ....


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